Gainsford Road Walthamstow, London

Gainsford Road Walthamstow, London

45 affordable ‘Pocket’ apartments in Walthamstow that draw on the legacy of carefully crafted, decorative architecture in the area.

Project Status: Completed

This proposal provides affordable homes for first time buyers in Walthamstow with Pocket Living. Located on a residential terraced street and close to the town centre, the development sensitively responds to the massing of adjacent buildings. The layout is efficient and functional, whilst promoting a sense of community through shared amenities. The design builds upon the existing character of the surrounding area, taking inspiration from the legacy of the William Morris School that previously occupied the site and from the Warner Houses that are particular to Walthamstow. 

Clear and open consultation and attention to detail has garnered support from the planning department and local residents. The ambition is to make a lasting contribution to the borough, while meeting its housing aspirations. BIM has been used since RIBA Stage 4. 

Pocket produces high-quality, Mayor’s Design Standard, one-bedroom affordable apartments, responding to growing numbers of Londoners who are priced out of the private housing market. They are sold at a minimum 20% reduction from the market rate, to be eligible to local buyers. Pocket was awarded £26.4m GLA funding over 10 years to enable around 5000 Londoners to own their own homes. 

Landscape Architects

Jonathan Cook Landscape Architects

Structural Engineer

Tully D’Ath

Gort Scott
The Print House
18 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL

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