Homes for Life Salford

Homes for Life Salford

The site for this new neighbourhood in Salford was historically an industrial area with a tight network of streets, that had since been raised to the ground leaving a large, empty site.

Our ambition was to create a sustainable place that is lasting, distinctively characterful, and contributes to the surrounding city. 

Project Status: Competition

Central to the proposal is a permeable network of streets, and contemporary urban block types that are directly descended from the recognisable, traditional city fabric of terraced streets. The proposed scheme aims to make meaningful links with Manchester’s city centre, just a 10 minute walk from the site. 

All of the houses and maisonettes have been designed to be adaptable, with the potential for future addition of at least one bedroom per dwelling or subdivision into different sized dwellings.

The new neighbourhood should be urban in character but should also provide some of the advantages of a typically suburban place, including encouraging a stable community, and safe open spaces including green space.

The project was one of just three short-listed projects selected from over eighty entries in an International RIBA design competition.


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