London Bankside public realm

London Bankside public realm

Bankside is an area of two halves. At present, world-class areas near the Thames riverfront contrast sharply with areas further south, divided by the infrastructural barriers of Southwark Street and the railway viaduct.

This project, called "Voices in the Urban Forest" builds on the important work of the Bankside Urban Forest framework, which seeks to strengthen the area's identity.

Client: London Borough of Southwark
Project Status: Completed

Our public realm strategy takes two main strands: enhancing north-south pedestrian links with a series of key interventions using street furniture, paving, and planting, and in doing so providing places for pause along the way where pocket parks can be created. Our planting strategy also focuses on sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), using tree pits on streets as 'raingardens' able to reduce the risk of flooding by regulating rainwater drainage.

Through engagement and consultation with diverse local stakeholders, we are implementing a series of projects that deal directly with activating areas around the railway viaduct. As part of our proposals we are designing signage to tell local stories learned through historical research, revealing the identity of a unique and dynamic area of London.


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Gary Grant

Gort Scott
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